5 Tools that Help You Create Quality Content


Creating quality content is one of the most challenging tasks for a content writer. Many people from this field would face the feeling of having no idea what to write. To be a successful content writer, you need more than just talent and creativity. You also must know the right tools for your writing process, which result in quality work that will meet or exceed the expectations of readers. 

Here we provide you with some tools that would help you throughout your writing process.

SEMrush Topic Research Tool:

Ideas for content and plan out your posts with SEMrush’s Topic Research Tool. It is a great tool that gives you quick content ideas. If you enter the topic, it provides potential ideas around that main subject. This tool also allows users to input a domain to find related reading material on their specific interests.


The free Chrome extension, BuzzSumo can help you generate content ideas by showing all trendy posts based on searched keywords. The results can be sorted based on the total reach of a post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also filter the result based on language, location, journalist, date, etc so that it becomes easier to find something just right.


Grammarly is a spelling checker tool that helps to find the errors in your content. If you want to rank on search engines and provide a better user experience for your readers, your content should be error-proof. This chrome extension helps deal with the errors and mistakes in your content. It shows the grammatical errors, misspellings, plagiarism, and the tone of your content. It also provides feedback on whether or not what you wrote makes sense, and it also tells users how they should properly place certain words.

CoSchedule Headline Studio:

CoSchedule’s Headline Studio is a simple and powerful tool for content creators who are looking to optimize their headlines and craft the best-performing ones. This tool analyzes your content headline and gives a score based on different factors like SEO, emotional words, uncommon words, word count, clarity, and so on. You can use it to optimize your headlines and craft the best-performing ones to rank higher on search engine page results (SERPs) and drive traffic to your site.


Copy.ai is like your own personal copywriter, whenever you feel lazy to write. This tool will help you to write amazing content with all of the personality and creativity that has made it one-of-a-kind in this industry. This tool leverages artificial intelligence to reduce the time and effort you spend on copywriting. Essentially, this tool writes your copy for you. It makes sure the copy it generates sounds as authentic as possible. You can tweak the content you like among the choices it provides. Ryter is an alternative tool for the copy.ai tool.

Copy.ai tool can write – Product descriptions, Blog posts, Social ads, Startup copies (brand voice, motto, value proposition, etc.), Email copy, Sales Copy, and Social media captions.