Moving With Grace – Moving With Authentic Movement and Shamanic Journeying


If you want to learn how to move with grace and peace, consider moving with Moving in Grace. This method was developed by Michael Platt, a professional mover specializing in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. It incorporates Authentic Movement, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, and Shamanic journeying, to name a few. These techniques will allow you to pack your belongings with grace and ease while keeping everything organized and in order. Visit this page for more information. You can even bring Moving in Grace to your organization or community and invite your members to join.

Michael Platt’s professional movers

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Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a type of spontaneous expressive movement that allows participants to freely associate their bodies with their thoughts. The practice was developed by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s as “movement in depth.”

Authentic Movement is rooted in Carl Jung’s concept of active imagination. Whitehouse developed the practice in the 1950s and was first called “movement in depth.” She then expanded the idea by working with Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow. These three women, all with extensive backgrounds in dance, continued the work and further evolved it. The practice of Authentic Movement has several applications:

Tibetan Buddhist philosophy

The philosophy of moving with grace is central to the Tibetan Buddhist way of life. Its roots are in India, and Buddhism first entered Tibet through a delegation from India. However, there is more documentation regarding the importation of Buddhism by the great military ruler Srong btsan sgam po, also known as Songtsen Gampo. In any case, it is an ancient practice that has evolved into one of the most popular forms of Buddhism in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

The Dalai Lama is the head of the dGe lugs order and is often considered to be the incarnation of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. His personal authority allowed him to correct deviations from Indian standards in his teachings and practices. He also composed the Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, a work of great importance in integrating tantric ritual and scholastic doctrine. His followers founded the first “school” of Tibetan Buddhism, the Kadampa Order.

Shamanic journeying

If you have ever experienced the bliss of shamanic journeying, you probably know the experience can change your life. The journeying process is often a maverick or rule-breakers dream. They are drawn to nature and want to experience the connection between mind, body, and spirit. The process is a natural, empowering healing practice that extracts heavy energy from the body and brings peace and harmony into life.

Often, the shaman must first undergo a near-death experience, which teaches them what it feels like to leave the body. Seeing that the other side of themselves is not so frightening, it makes the shaman more open to the process. Ultimately, the journey can help the reader find peace and harmony within every facet of their humanity. This guidebook also includes exercises to help you become more aware of yourself.

Buddhist insight meditation

Buddhist insight meditation for moving with grace (GRACE) is a synthesis of Tibetan Buddhism and Western psychology, including Body Mind Centering and Authentic Movement. Moving with grace begins with visualization and moves into physical expression. In addition to Tibetan Buddhism, this practice incorporates tantric dance traditions from the Newari people of Nepal. It also incorporates commercial moving company therapeutic tools from counseling. By learning to move with grace, you’ll discover the benefits of moving with grace.

For many people, the benefits of Buddhist insight meditation have been well-documented in the literature and philosophy of the practice. Books on Buddhism are available for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. A recent bestseller, “A Path for Couples,” is an excellent introduction to Buddhist insight meditation. *This article is sponsored by Tara, which may receive a small commission if you purchase through her website. However, all opinions are my own.

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