Moving With Kids Is As Easy As 1-2-3


There are plenty of tips for moving with young children. These tips are applicable for moving with a toddler, a baby, and even a teenager. Listed below are a few tips to make moving with children as easy as 1-2-3. Once you have the tips, moving with kids should be as smooth as possible. However, it is important to understand that your child might experience certain emotions while dealing with the big change. For these emotions, it is important to give extra time, understanding, and attention.

Move with a baby

Getting ready to move with a baby? Read on. Baby is the most important thing during the moving process, so pack everything for your new home with your new arrival in mind. The first room you should prepare is the baby’s nursery, so load up the moving van with the nursery’s boxes last. This way, the movers will know where to put everything! You can pack the rest of the household items after the move.

Talk about the move with your newborn and toddler to help them prepare and process the upcoming move. It also helps to take them on a tour of their new home or daycare, so they can become familiar with it. This will help the child adjust to the move more quickly. Lastly, keep things as normal as possible during the moving process so that your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed or confused.

While the moving process may seem to be easy and quick, it will cause your baby to experience many sleepless nights. Even if the move is short, cross-country or international, your child will be displaced from his or her usual bed and sleep in an unfamiliar environment. As a result, your child may refuse to nap or sleep. Regardless of how well-organized you are, you must ensure your child gets enough rest.

Move with a toddler

Moving with a toddler isn’t always easy, but if you follow some simple steps, the transition will go much more smoothly. Give your child options. Let them choose their outfit and show them the new neighborhood. This will help them feel good about the move and help them adjust to the new environment. You may even want to bring their favorite toys with you. Here are some ways to make moving with a toddler as easy as 1-2-3

Discuss the move with your child. Explain to your toddler that it will be a big change for both of you. Show them where their school will be and what will happen when you get there. Give them time to process what is happening. If possible, take them on a tour of the new daycare or preschool. Let them explore the new house before you move them into it. This way, they’ll get used to the idea of moving.

Plan a few activities for your toddler. Before moving day, take a walk through the house where they spent most of their time before. It will make the transition much easier for them and give you a chance to catch up on sleep. Make sure that you unpack all of their old toys before moving them. Your toddler will feel better if he is well-rested. This can be done by labeling the boxes with what they should unpack first.

Move with a teenager

Talking to your teen about the move before the move is as important as the actual move itself. By talking about the upcoming move, your teen can mentally prepare for the change. Play up the positive aspects of the new home. Let them know that moving isn’t the end of the world. Lastly, make sure that your teen is comfortable with the new surroundings. You can even invite friends over for pizza on the night of the move.

If possible, try to visit their old school before moving. Talk with guidance counselors and teachers and let your teen have time to adjust before starting a new class. If necessary, hire a tutor for them to catch up before the first day of school. Lastly, remember that the transition can be less stressful if your teen feels involved in the process. This will ease the transition for your teen, as they will have a say in the decisions.

Make sure to bring as much of your child’s personal belongings as possible. It’s okay for your teenager to oppose the idea of getting rid of the old things, but they might not want to take any new ones with them. Bringing the old stuff is okay, but your teen may want a new bed, clothes, and bedding. Keeping the same school can also be an option.